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Your donation will help us plant, nurture and protect Cedrus libani trees.
We will replace any tree which does not survive.
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Big Cedrus libani
80 - 100 cm at $60 each
Small Cedrus libani
15 - 20 cm at $20 each

Email us at or Call us on (+961) 71 124 000

 I want a metal tag with my name on the location of my planted trees - for $15 extra per tree
Considering our plantation schedule and the weather conditions, tags will be prepared and installed on your adopted cedar only between July and October of the year.
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 I want a picture of my name tag installed on my planted tree - for $8 extra per tree
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This initiative is part of the 40 million trees program in Lebanon
40 million trees program in Lebanon
Number of trees nurtured and protected per year